Straightforward Integration 

Advanced Technology

All MDI Archive Products are complete NAS systems which include a Windows Server and Archive Management Software from PoINT Software. These integrated solutions make it possible to transparently read and write to the Archive media, using the native windows file system. Sophisticated sharing and caching mechanisms allow multiple users and applications to access the archive data. With MDI Products the integration of optical and tape archiving into an existing IT infrastructure is a simple and straightforward process. A drive letter is generated on the server, representing the complex storage hierarchy. The complete file system or single subdirectories can be shared independently through the network by using the standard Windows sharing and permission mechanisms.

The MDI Netzon Series of Blu-Ray libraries incorporate the most advanced robotics, drive and media technologies to assure the accuracy and availability of information for years to come.  Our libraries feature reliable mechanisms. Pioneer PR-1 Professional Optical drives combined with MKM Archive grade BD media provide the most reliable media recording system available.
The MDI AS Series of Tape Libraries offer LTO-6 Technology, the latest version of the Linear Tape Open format. With 2.5GB native capacity per media, system capacities are extended to 60TB-480TB. The proven mechanism and highest reliability drives are produced by leading manufacturers.





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